Kscope13 Special Event - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“Hey, Mister, throw me something!” Right about now, the streets of New Orleans are teeming with the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the wonder of the best party of the year—Mardi Gras. Beads and doubloons are flying through the air as the throngs of people along the parade route hold out their hands in the hope of catching some brightly colored trinkets. Brass bands will be playing on every street corner in town well into the night and the smells of Creole cooking will be hanging in the air.

Oh, don’t you wish you could be there?

At Kscope13 your dreams of attending Mardi Gras will come true at this year’s Special Event at the world famous Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World. Mardi Gras World is the place where Mardi Gras is born—literally. Each year more than 500 floats for the annual parade are created in this 400,000 sq. ft. facility and you’re going to get a behind the scenes look at just how it’s done.

We’ll kick off the night with a guided tour of the float den, where you can stop, take pictures with authentic Mardi Gras floats, and get a sneak peek at the floats already under construction for next year. Then we’ll form our own parade as a marching band leads us to the Grand Oaks Mansion, a grand antebellum mansion filled with music, food, and that famous southern charm.
  Everybody knows Mardi Gras doesn’t end til the sun comes up. While we won’t be staying up quite that late, we will rock it out at the River City Ballroom with great music and then we’ll watch a fireworks display over the mighty Mississippi.

Kscope conferences are as well known for fabulous special events as for outstanding speakers and learning opportunities. This year is no exception!




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