The Kscope mentor program has revised this year to allow for greater interaction between those looking for guidance and those who can provide it.

Prior to the conference, mentors and mentees alike can exchange information, offer suggestions on sessions that can’t be missed, and make plans to meet up onsite.  Check out the mentor/mentee board here and start talking!

At the conference, ODTUG has arranged numerous activities to maximize networking time.

  • Saturday – Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to participate in Community Service Day. This is a great time to interact on a personal level. Update – Community Service Day is now full.  
  • Sunday – Welcome Reception – Stop by the Social Media lounge to meet some fellow mentors and discuss ways to maximize your time during the week!
  • Monday – Kickoff Breakfast – Join us bright and early to connect with other mentor and mentees in your area of interest. Gather with like-minded individuals, compare schedules for the week, and network while filling up for a day packed with learning opportunities.
  • Tuesday – See how the other side lives – attend the crossover sessions Tuesday night.
  •  Wednesday – Enjoy spending time with your new connections at the special event.

Be a part of the family that is the Kscope community by being a part of the mentor program. To sign up, log back into your registration form here and look for the mentor program question.

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