Build Your Schedule on the Mobile App

When they go grocery shopping in Naw'leans they “make groceries”. You don’t need to make groceries for Kscope13, but you do want to “make your schedule” with our online Schedule Builder.

Use the Schedule Builder to select the sessions you want to attend, find out who will be there, peruse the exhibitors, and much more. Another word you’ll hear in New Orleans is lagniappe (pronounced LAN-yap), which means a little something extra. Our Schedule Builder has thrown in a little lagniappe – multiple ways to share this information!

Links for the App-


Make your schedule and have all of your devices sync to the same schedule. Log in using the email you registered with and follow directions to get a password emailed to you. Only registered attendees (who have paid) can get into the app.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Download presentations directly from the Kscope13 app – presentations will be available in June
  • Check into sessions and earn badges onsite
  • Update your profile with a photo, Twitter handle, and more!
  • Contact fellow attendees to meet up and network
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