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Stew Stryker, Dartmouth College

Stew Stryker has developed application software in a number of industries including: Computer Manufacturing, Health Care, Direct Marketing, and Higher Education. He has worked on applications ranging from a VT100 terminal emulator to a web-based alumni volunteer support system used by over 1,200 alumni. Though Stew earned an MBA (high technology focus) from Northeastern University in 1987, he prefers the challenges and rewards of application software development.

While living in Vermont, Stew has worked for Dartmouth College's Advancement division since 2000. Areas of focus include: general PL/SQL, data visualization, and Oracle-based web applications, particularly using Oracle's Appplication Express. He is occasionally active in the Oracle APEX user forum, posing and answering technical questions.

Stew also volunteers for a number of non-profits including Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, his local Boy Scout Troop, the Upper Valley Land Trust, and others.

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