Kscope13 Presenters

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Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation

Lynn Munsinger is a senior group product manager in the Java Tools Development group at Oracle Corporation. She wears many hats, focusing on enabling customers who are adopting the ADF framework. As a product manager, she works to ensure that Oracle's internal and external customers have an easy time developing applications with ADF. As the ADF collateral manager, she leads a team devoted to conveying the many features of ADF in an approachable manner. She is co-author of an in-depth book on ADF titled, "Oracle Fusion Developer Guide - Building Rich Internet Applications with Oracle ADF Business Components and ADF Faces." Lynn is passionate about teaching all types of developers how to get the most out of ADF, from the Oracle/ADF neophyte to the seasoned Java EE developer. Lynn has created a myriad of sample applications to illustrate features and best practices, and she is a frequent presenter at user group and industry conferences.

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