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Tony Miller, LuvMuffin Software

Mongo only pawn... in game of life. That is the way Tony Miller views his life. Tony was born and raised in Montana and longs to retire there some day. Tony is a graduate of the University of Montana, where he met his wonderful wife of over twenty years (Becky). Tony and his wife have traveled all accross the Northwest (Helena, Montana,Vancouver, Washington, Seattle, Washington, Monroe, Washington) in the first few years of being married. Then they decided to have a kid and were blessed with Michael. They stayed in the Seattle area for six years but Tony felt that he needed to grow professionally so he took a job in Galveston, Texas. The desire to learn and grow moved him to switch jobs until he was a contractor for NASA on the International Space Station Program & Intergration (PI & C) for three years. When that contract expired he started doing contract development positions accross the country (Releigh, North Carolina & Dallas, Texas).

When the chance to work in Virgina at his present job came up, he was eager for the challenge and chance to professionally grow further and be at home with his family every night. They now live in a rural suburb of Charlottesville, Virgina (Ruckersville to be exact).

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