Kscope13 Presenters

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Karen Reliford, TransAmerica Training Management

Karen Reliford is a seventeen plus year veteran instructor with Oracle University through the OU partner network. She was first exposed to Oracle back in the days of Oracle 6 and she has been teaching Oracle Database and related products since Oracle Database 7.3. Karen has worked with and taught Application Express since the days of HTMLDB 1.5. Karen is both an Oracle Certified Master and a Certified Technical Trainer.

Karen is thrilled to work for TransAmerica Training Management (TAM), an award winning OU Partner (both Sales and Intructor Quality in 2012) based out of Coral Gables (Miami), FL. TAM also has the distinction of being the only OU partner certified in both the U.S. and Caribbean.

Karen has been honored four times with the OU Parner Intructor of the Year award. When not in front of a class and on the road, Karen loves to spend time with her husband Ron and their fifteen pets.

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