Kscope13 Presenters

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Kellyn Pot'Vin, Enkitec

Kellyn Pot'vin, (pronounced Poet-Vaughn) has been a database administrator for 13 years, specializing in large database performance tuning. In recent years she's been working with large SSD databases and Exadata, taking advantage of the newest technology and performance tuning features.

Kellyn is known for her technical blog, dbakevlar.com and is the director of the Training Days Conference for Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, (RMOUG). She's performed numerous presentations on performance tuning and written articles for various technical newsletters and websites, starting out as an active participant on the Oracle-L list. Kellyn lives with her partner, Tim and her three children in Broomfield, CO and currently is honing her technical skills at Enkitec, an Oracle-centric consulting partner (www.Enkitec.com).

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