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Glenn Schwartzberg, interRel Consulting

Glenn Schwartzberg has been an IT professional for over thirty years. He started his career in IT (then MIS) working on IBM mainframes writing COBOL and CICS programs. He quickly worked his way up the food chain and as a manager had fifteen people working for him. At this pivotal juncture, he decided he would rather be a technical resource than spend his time telling other people what to do and justify his life through paperwork. Because of this ideal, he entered the world of consulting where he was a DBA on Teradata DBC1012 computers, programming, and maintaining databases. This was his introduction to SQL.

During his stint working on data warehouses, he ran into a little program from Arbor software called Essbase. It was a cool little program and Glenn immediately saw the value in allowing users to get their own data, so he started learning all he could about it. This was on version 3.11. As time and versions progressed, he learned more and more and the versions got more feature rich and complicated. While Glenn did not like being a manager, he did feel it important to assist others as they tried to figure out the issues they were having with the application. He joined bulletin boards and forums and was an ardent contributor, answering others' questions and gaining more knowledge. In 2008, due to his continued efforts to assist others and to evangelize Essbase, he was honored the title of Oracle ACE in BI. In 2010, he was again privileged to be named an Oracle ACE Director. He continues to share his knowledge of Essbase and its associated products though the Oracle EPM discussion forums, presentations at conferences, user group meetings, webcasts, and his blog. He was one of the founding members of the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) Hyperion SIG board.

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