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New Orleans is the home of jazz, étouffée, and the French Quarter. Straddling the Mississippi River, this port city was founded by the French, ruled by Spain, then flooded by a wave of Canadian, German, Italian, and Irish immigrants. It is a city like no other in the United States, maybe even in the world. It is a resilient place that inspires and motivates.  Is it any wonder it is home to a conference like no other—Kscope13?


Who We Are

The smartest people on the planet working in the Oracle stack know that Kscope is the best conference to attend. Kscope offers great content from developers, administrators, architects, and business users. More than that, it provides a vehicle for sharing that content—Kscope13. If you want to get better at what you do, or help others get better at what they do, Kscope13 is the place for you.


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